Entertainment Update – 03/15/17

This is what we talked about on the air with two fun bonus videos!

RAELYNN: Loves Her New Ink

A few weeks ago, RaeLynn celebrated her debut album Wildhorse by getting a tattoo of a horse on her forearm. After spending hours online, searching for ink inspiration, she decided to let her tattoo artist create a one-of-a-kind piece instead. 

RaeLynn: “I’ve always wanted a horse tattoo. I got some blue bonnets around it for Texas. And I wanted her to be really girly. When he drew her up, I was like, ‘Can you make her eyelashes just a little bigger?’ It’s funny cuz I never thought I was gonna be that girl with a big tattoo on her arm, but now I’m that girl with that big tattoo on my arm.”

DUSTIN LYNCH: Limits Audience Eye-Contact

If you manage to catch Dustin Lynch‘s eye while he’s on stage, don’t expect him to stick around for long. Over the years, he has perfected his audience eye-contact time. 

Dustin Lynch: “You can’t give them too much, you know, then it gets a little awkward. If you give somebody more than like four seconds, the whole crowd starts looking like, ‘Why is he singing to her for so long? Who is she?’”

THOMAS RHETT: Living It Up Before Babies Arrive

It won’t be long until Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren welcome two babies into their lives, and Thomas plans to take advantage of every minute he has until his dad responsibilities kick in. 

Thomas Rhett: “Life is gonna be different, for sure, because our lives are about to drastically change, and I somewhat feel like I’m in a bachelorhood period right now because neither of our children are here yet. So, I’m kinda like, ‘Yeah, let’s go live it up until they get here!’”

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