Heavy Snow On The Way – Be Careful Shoveling!

Our area may receive up to 12 inches of heavy – wet snow over the next two days.

Health experts are warning shoveling this snow could be dangerous.  Heart attacks become more of a risk during strenuous snow-shoveling because heart rates and blood pressure spike while cold air constricts blood vessels, and the amount of oxygen received by the heart decreases.

To avoid a trip to the emergency room – here are some tips for shoveling in this type of weather :

  • If you experience pain of any kind, stop immediately and ask for help
  • Choose a snow shovel that is right for you!  Be sure that your shovel has a curved handle, with an appropriate length handle.  A plastic shovel blade will generally be lighter than a metal one.  That will put less strain on your spine.
  • Push the snow, do not lift it. Pushing puts less strain on the spine than lifting.
  • Be sure your muscles are warm before you start shoveling. Cold, tight muscles are more likely to sprain or strain than warm, relaxed muscles.
  • Never throw snow over your shoulder.


-Dianah Gibson