Entertainment Update – 03/13/17

Here is what we talked about today. Hear what we cared about before the great snowfall of 2017.

THOMAS RHETT: Parenting Advice from Dierks Bentley

Thomas Rhett is gathering as much parenting advice from his fellow country stars as he can. So far, his favorite words of wisdom came from Dierks Bentley.

Thomas Rhett: “Dierks said, ‘Don’t be afraid if you drink four Red Bulls a day. There’s nothing you can really do to get ready for it. You can read books, and you can talk to me as much as you want, but you’re gonna be a different parent than I am, just like I’m gonna be a different parent than you are. So, I think the best advice is just kinda take it as it comes, and just realize that you’re gonna be exhausted.’”

KEITH URBAN: Reveals His Greatest Accomplishment

Keith Urban has one of the best track records in country music. With 22 number-one singles under his belt and multiple awards on his shelves, country’s favorite Aussie has a list of accomplishments that could go on for miles. But what he considers his greatest accomplishment of all has nothing to do with music. 

Keith Urban: “Marrying Nic… Because everything good in my life that’s happened came after that. Sobriety, having children, everything started to come after that. So, that, hands down. Marrying her.”

CARRIE UNDERWOOD: Creepy on the Outside, Delicious on the Inside