National Un-Plug Day – A Parent’s Dream:)

This day is a parent’s dream come true. It’s ‘National Un-Plug Day’ where we are encouraged to detach ourselves from electronic devices.

Of course this day makes me very happy because I feel my kids are on their electronic devices WAY TOO much. They are constantly checking Instagram and snap chatting their friends.  But am I any better with electronic devices? Possibly no – I am writing this blog on my cell phone!

The first Friday in March of each year is National Day of Unplugging.  A day where everyone gets a chance to re-boot!

For 24 hours we are encouraged to unplug, unwind, relax and do things other than using today’s technology, electronics and social media.  Also use #DayOfUnplugging to post on social media before you unplug.

I will try hard to unplug today – after I check my work email, facebook messages, instagram, and twitter.  This may be harder than I think:)

-Dianah Gibson