Entertainment Update – 03/01/17

Brian Mo is out sick, but that somehow didn’t stop the entertainment news from happening today!

JASON ALDEAN: Surprise Birthday Trip

Yesterday, Jason Aldean celebrated his 40th birthday, and his wife Brittany made sure it was this best yet. On Monday, she surprised him with a trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where the two are spending a few days in the snow with about 20 of their closest friends.

The happy couple has shared a few photos from their trip on Instagram, and it looks like they’re having a ton of fun.


Surprise Birthday trip for my man!!! @jasonaldean

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GRANGER SMITH: Avoiding "Bathroom Moments"

When Granger Smith is picking out songs for his new record, he rarely tests them out at shows. He’d rather play the songs his fans already know and love.

Granger Smith: “For whatever reason, I’ve never been a play-it-for-the-crowd type guy, until I know it’s gonna be on the album. Because I don’t wanna create what I call a ‘bathroom moment,’ where they’re like, ‘Well, I’m gonna go to the bathroom.’ So, sometimes I’ll just run through the songs in the gym, and you can tell quickly the songs you start getting tired of. That’s a good test for me.”

TIM McGRAW: Happy Wife, Happy Life

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will kick off their Soul 2 Soul tour next month. Having toured with her several times, Tim knows exactly what he needs to do to make sure Faith stays happy out on the road. He shared his secret during a recent visit to Good Morning America, saying, “I just do what she says.”

Happy wife, happy life. Right, Tim?

BRETT YOUNG: Chats About His Tats

Brett Young has several tattoos, but there’s one, in particular that was inspired by one of his favorite poets on Instagram. You can spot this tattoo on his right forearm, which reads, “If it feels like home, follow its path.”

Brett Young: “So there is a poet on Instagram he’s R.M. Drake, and I’ve followed him for a really long time. And I paraphrased one of his poems. What it means to me is trust your instincts, follow your dreams, don’t let anybody tell you no. The bottom line is, if it’s the only thing that’s going to make you happy, you shouldn’t let anybody or anything convince you otherwise.”