Entertainment Update 02/24/17

All of the entertaining Entertainment News you can shack a stick at! Podcast now included

JENNIFER NETTLES: Flattered by Fan Ink

Fans ask artists for all sorts of crazy things, but there’s one request that Jennifer Nettles finds the most intriguing. Whenever one of her fans asks the country star to sign or write something that they plan to get tattooed on their body, she can’t help but feel flattered.

Jennifer Nettles:“For me, I love the art of tattoo, and it is such an intimate and personal art form. And the fact that people connect with my lyrics and then want them to be in my own handwriting, that’s something for me that feels pretty special and pretty unique.”

VIDEO: Florida Georgia Line

Keith Urban and Garth Brooks are known for giving away their guitars during shows. Now the boys of Florida Georgia Line have jumped on the bandwagon, surprising a young fan named Griffin with a black acoustic guitar at one of their recent stops on the Dig Your Roots tour. Although the boy admitted he doesn’t know how to play the instrument, he promised Tyler and Brian that he would learn.

MICHAEL RAY: Keeping the Girlfriend Happy

If you’ve watched Michael Ray’s video for “Think a Little Less,” you’re sure to have noticed the beautiful model that stars alongside the country newcomer. So, how did he OK this with his girlfriend, Carly? It turns out, Michael was never actually around the model, although it appears like he is in the video.

He talked about the filming in a recent interview, saying, “We’re both shooting scenes, but we’re not together… When I roll over, I don’t see a blonde model. I see a dude holding a camera. So, in my mind, I go, ‘Bearded guy holding a camera, I’ve got to make you be a blonde model.’ I got to tap into some acting, and I got to show a different side that nobody’s seen.” (Rare Country)

DUSTIN LYNCH: Drawn to Bright Spots

If you’re headed to see Dustin Lynch perform, and you want him to notice you in the crowd, here’s one piece of advice — don’t wear black. 

Dustin Lynch: “I will say this, I’ve noticed recently, of course, it’s natural, but my eyes always find the brightest clothes in the crowd. You know, cuz there’s so many lights in our eyes. So, like, there was this one girl that was wearing a chartreuse shirt. The whole night, I’m scanning just singing to her for half of the song. Just because she was the only person I could see.”