Entertainment Update – 02/22/17

Here is all the news that happened around and about country music. There is a puppy.

Eric Church & Jake Owen

  • Eric Church continues his battle against scalpers by canceling 25,000 tickets ordered by secondary buyers and making them available for fans to buy.
  • Jake Owen and his daughter Pearl took to social media to show off their newest family member on Saturday.

BLAKE SHELTON: Brotherly Influence

Growing up, Blake Shelton fell in love with all kinds of music, and there\’s one main person to thank — his brother.  It turns out, he influenced Blake\’s musical taste without even trying. According to Blake, whoever his brother listened to is who Blake listened to because his brother played his music so loudly. (Us Weekly)

Good thing his brother had great taste. 

THOMAS RHETT: Soaking Up Some Alone Time

Although Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are thrilled to be welcoming two new babies into their family, they know how hectic their lives are guaranteed to become. Over the next couple months, the couple plans to take full advantage of their quiet time, while they still can.

Thomas looks forward to this time with his wife, saying, \”We want to get that last little bit of just me and her time. We’re just trying to soak it in and have as much fun, us two, as possible.\” (People)

Finding extra time for each other isn\’t going to be easy, considering Thomas is out on his Home Team tour.