Entertainment Update – 02/15/17

Here are the stories that I talked about during the Free Country Free Ride!


JAMIE LYNN SPEARS: Gives Update on Maddie

Jamie Lynn Spears shared a new photo of her daughter Maddie on Instagram and updated her health for the first time since her release from a New Orleans children’s hospital.

Maddie, who is the eight-year-old niece of Britney Spears, was released from the hospital last Friday after she nearly drowned when she flipped her ATV into a pond. Jamie Lynn posted the photo showing Maddie smiling and holding Valentine’s Day candy. She wrote, “Maddie isn’t quite ready to return to school, but her doctors did clear her to bring in her Valentine’s Day treats to her class today. It made her so happy to see her friends, and be able to give them such cute treats. It was a great moment for us after everything that has happened. We are so thankful to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the ones we love, and we don’t take a second of it for granted.” 

Maddie is expected to make a full recovery. (Page Six)

MAREN MORRIS: Family Facetime Rituals

If Maren Morris called her family every time she had good news, she would be on the phone all day, every day. To prevent this from happening, she and her family have a special way of communicating. Find out what they do to keep in touch, next.  

When you live hundreds of miles away from your family, it’s hard to keep in touch as often as you should. Maren Morris and her parents have found their way around this problem by creating a weekly ritual, which allows them from going too long without catching up. 

Maren Morris: “I’m on this long group thread with my mom and dad and sister because trying to call them every time good news comes in, it would just be impossible, because, I mean it sounds so crazy, but there is so much to be said now. We have our Sunday morning Facetime ritual because they’re still in Texas.”

CARRIE UNDERWOOD: Cheering on Her Hockey-Star Husband

Carrie Underwood recently wrapped up her massive Storyteller tour, and she can’t wait to spend the next few months taking a break from the music world. Her husband, Mike Fisher, plays for their hometown hockey team, the Predators, so Carrie plans to attend as many of his games as possible. 

If you happen to see her at a game, don’t expect for her to be on her best behavior.

Carrie Underwood: “I’m like ‘yeah, get ‘em!,’ or if I’m there, I’m yelling at the refs.”