M.Stein Tux Fitting and More Wedding Plans DONE!

Hi guys!!!

The tux fitting for Tim and his groomsmen and our dads went so well! We set up a full spread of food and drinks at our house and all 7 of his guys in the bridal party showed up! All you have to say is party with food and beer and they weren’t missing it! The entire fitting was the easiest part of anything we’ve done wedding related so far!

Darryl from M.Stein Tuxedos came in and we started going over final colors and choices for our wedding. All of the guys go to see the “steel gray” suits that they will be wearing with the Tiffany blue ties and pocket squares. Then, the appointment flew by and after an hour Darryl was done! He had the guys all come up one by one and in a few quick motions, he had each one sized! THATS IT! No waiting around at a tux shop, or driving far to get somewhere…the guys got to chill at our house, have fun, eat yummy sandwiches, chips, dips and for a few seconds, step away from the party to get sized. Plus, it was a good excuse for them to all get together. Super painless. The best part is, they don’t even have to go anywhere to pick them up. M.Stein drop off and picks up all the suits for free!!! woo!

In the last two weeks, we have also met with the woman that handles the music during the ceremony at the church. That was also really fun to do! Hearing and choosing the wedding marches made me want to “test out” my walk down the aisle 😉 but I didnt…. haha. We decided to do some of the music on the piano and some on the organ, which just sounds so incredible!

Did I tell you that my flowers are all set, too?! That was a huge relief! I can’t wait to see them! I mainly did white roses, light pink roses, and hot pink flowers. Definitely want that summery feel to compliment the bridesmaids blue gowns.  For the guys, hot and light pink boutonnieres 🙂

The LAST BIG thing that I’m working on is invitations. My goal is to order them this week so I have plenty of time to get them together and sent out in April. It’s hard to decide whether or not to save a little money and order them from a wedding invite website or just to seek a professional and have them do it all, but paying out the wazoooo.

So far, I’ve been pretty lucky with no drama (knock on wood) I know it can get crazy when you get down to the last few months and people bug you about not getting a date to bring, or picky about where they sit, or anything! I’m sure i’ll hear about it all, just like every other bride, but we will deal with it as it comes.

Oh! I’m looking for creative wedding favors! I’d love your recommendations!

<3 Katie Ryan