It’s National ‘Eat Brussel Sprouts Day’ – Are You Celebrating?

It turns out – January 31st is ‘Eat Brussel Sprouts Day’.  I didn’t know it existed, but it got me thinking, does anyone eat those small green looking cabbages?

Brussels sprouts are rich in many valuable nutrients. They are an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin K. They are a very good source of folate, manganese, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, choline, copper, vitamin B1, potassium, phosphorus, and omega-3 fatty acids.


An 80g serving of sprouts contains four times more vitamin C than an orange.

There are more than 110 different varieties of sprouts.  If you steam Brussels sprouts you will receive some special cholesterol-lowering benefits.

So, why do so many people hate brussel sprouts? According to a study by Cornwall College, it could be in our genes.  Their research found that brussel sprouts contain a chemical, similar to phenylthiocarbamide, which tastes bitter to some people who have a variation of a certain gene.  Wish my parents knew that before they forced me to eat the green globes as a child!

If you like brussel sprouts – today is your day!  If you don’t, now you know why!!

By:  Dianah Gibson