Snow – Or – Sunshine

It’s January 26th and today we are going to see to temperatures in the 50’s.  Yesterday it got up to 60-degrees!

Old man winter will be making an appearance tomorrow, when cold weather descends upon our region.


The up and down temperatures has everyone wondering, what season is it?

Health experts say cold weather is actually good for you.

Cooler temps can help you lose weight because our bodies burns more energy to keep our core temperature at 98.6 degrees. You can sleep better in colder weather, and may be able to improve your metabolism.

Did you know that our brains work better in cooler temperatures?  It’s true!  Science officials say 62 degrees is the magic number for our brain to work.

The cold weather also helps our skin.  Colder temperatures can act as an astringent.  It helps to reduce clogs and keep pores less visible and refined.

Now that there are several reasons why ‘colder temperatures’ are good for you, can you wait 53 more days for spring?

By:  Dianah Gibson