Good News: 1/25/17

Facebook is great way to get back in touch with people. Someone in Australia used it to find their hero.

In 1995, an Australian man broke his neighbor’s window and dove through flames to save a 16-month-old toddler from a house fire.

Well, that man, Mick Kelly, is now 59 and that toddler, Dylan Gibbs, is now 22 – and they were finally reunited, thanks to Facebook.

Through the years, Dylan tried to locate Mick in hopes of thanking him in person for that brave act so long ago. Dylan almost gave up hope, but a stranger finally responded to a Facebook post and gave Dylan the chance to connect with his long-lost rescuer.

The two met at a pub in Melbourne and Dyan admits he was very emotional, but was able to tell Mick thanks for saving him.

Mick said he often wondered how Dylan was doing – and was happy to see that he had grown into a good young man.

The two men now plan to stay in touch and have already arranged for Mick to attend Dylan’s 23rd birthday party in March. (Herald Sun)

See photos of the reunion here.