Entertainment Update – 1/12/17 “Puppies”

Next week, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, making his big move into the White House. Remember when some of the biggest country stars took over the East Room at the White House back in 2011? Kris KristoffersonAlison KraussDarius RuckerDierks Bentley and more took to the stage for President Obama and his guests, and they couldn’t have made the genre more proud.

During the final show of his RipCord tour in Australia, Keith Urban invited yet another fan to join him on stage. 19-year-old Ellen Tefanis had reached out to Keith during a Twitter chat, asking if she could play guitar for him at the show and he obliged. Keith must have a killer instinct about talented fans because, like all the others that have joined him in the past, this girl stole the show.