Good News 01/11/17

Here is the full story for today’s Good News story.

10-year-old Tyler Boone has spent the last two years growing his hair without a haircut, but not as a fashion statement. Instead, his goal was to grow it long enough to be able to donate it to his friend Gabby Ruiz.

You see, Gabby has been diagnosed with Alopecia, which is a disorder that prevents her body from growing her own hair.

So, Tyler grew his hair to 12 inches long – and then recently allowed Gabby to give him the big haircut. The hair will now be turned into a wig for Gabby.

While family and friends marvel at Tyler’s heart of gold, Tyler doesn’t think it’s a big deal, explaining that “it’s just hair” and that he can grow hair anytime. (ABC News)

What a great story!