Goals vs Resolutions

Dianah had a fun post on the Wake Up Crew blog this morning about popular New Years Resolutions. She also noted that less than 10% of people actually keep them. I think the reason that most resolutions fail is because they are too vague. That is why I love this quote from Tim McGraw

“I think you set one goal, and that’s to do the best you can. No matter what my project is for that day, whether I’m goin’ to write a song or takin’ the kids to school, is to try to do the best I can at it. I can’t think about what the end results gonna be of it. I gotta think about what I’m gonna do when I go in there that day to do it. And if I’m successful, then the end result is gonna be success.”

I don’t plan on doing a goal a day, but wanted to set a few public goals people can mock me about if I don’t hit them!

  1. Do a Half Marathon under 2.5 Hours. (My best is 3 hours 5 minutes)
  2. Sign up for the 60 mile Tour de Frederick Ride! (I have only done 30 mile rides)
  3. Bowl a strike this weekend at the Fight for Kathryn Bowl-A-Thon!

I need to get back to the YMCA to make 1 & 2 happen!

Bonus Tim McGraw Video!