It’s Bachelor Time!

Mondays have become my favorite day of the week.  If its not The Voice, it’s Monday Night Football.  If it’s not Monday Night Football it’s The Bachelor! Yay!!! The Bachelor is back!

I cant imagine watching The Bachelor and not being a fan of “The Bachelor”, not being completely smitten.  I mean, come on, that’s part of the fantasy, part of the romance, part of the fun.  I wasn’t a Nick Viall fan but my assistant Melissa convinced me to watch with an open mind.  If she (the biggest skeptic I know) could find good in Nick then something’s gotta be there.  So with great anticipation, Monday night at 8pm finally arrived!  My daughter and I snuggled up to see if Nick was gonna make this season worth watching.  He’s kinda cute- OK after the shower scene we’ll upgrade the to HOT! He’s smart- he knows the difference between a shark and a dolphin (what was she thinking?!).  And he totally called out Liz (good job Nick) the chick he met at Jade and Tanners wedding- I would’ve sent her home that night but maybe she’s gonna be the crazy entertainment this season.  Who “bakes cookies” with Nick- Doesn’t give him her number when he asks for it and doesn’t contact him for 9 months??? Yeah, she’s crazy!!  Can you tell I’m officially now a fan of Nick Viall.  This season is gonna be awesome!

Join our Bachelor Fantasy League and play along with us all season! League name is WFRE