Salvation Army In Frederick Needs Your Help!

Our local Salvation Army provides so many services to our community.  But this year they are $40,000 behind their fundraising goal to help those in need.


Here are some of the services they provide.

Rental/Mortgage Assistance – client must have received court-ordered eviction or foreclosure papers

Utility Assistance -such as electric and heating/gas – client must have a termination notice from the utility vendor

Prescription Assistance – client must have a new prescription or a refill

Temporary Motel Placement – in the case of fire or other similar local disaster, assistance can be given on a case by case basis.  Client must provide proof of disaster from Red Cross or the Fire Department.  Other motel placements are done on a case by case basis.

Emergency Food Assistance – Clients must register with the local food bank before coming here to seek assistance. Food is given on a case by case basis based on emergency need after food bank has assisted.  We may be able to assist with diapers, formula, and other toiletry supplies if we have those items available.

Any financial help you can give this amazing organization would be a blessing!

The Salvation Army is located at 919 N. East Street in Frederick.  Phone: 301-631-2489


By:  Dianah Gibson