#CupForBen-Heart Warming Story of A Dad’s Love For His Autistic Son

This is such a heart warming story of a single dad stopping at nothing to help his autistic son!

As parents, we know our kids have their ‘favorite’ things that calm and comfort them.  This father became his son’s hero!  Way to go dad!


Internet helps dad find special sippy cup for autistic son

By Elizabeth Armstrong Moore

Faced with the pending demise of his autistic son’s beloved sippy cup, Marc Carter turned to the internet in hopes of finding a replica of the out-of-production vessel, which is the only one 14-year-old Ben will drink from, reports Mashable.

And come through the internet did: Before long dozens of cups were arriving from all over the world, and the hashtag #CupForBen caught the attention of the original manufacturer, Tommee Tippee.

Now Carter is taking to the Internet again, this time in a video on YouTube, to announce that the company has not only found its original manufacturing plans for the cup but is making a batch of 500 just for Ben.