Things Husbands Should NEVER Get For Their Wives!

Ladies-have you ever gotten a gift from your husband that you have wanted to return?  A gift that leaves you wondering if there is an ulterior motive?


I love my husband but there have been times over the years that he has given my clothes as Christmas gifts that I always return.  I have told him that I will buy the clothes and he can wrap them.  But for some reason he keeps getting my shirts and pants that make my look like I am heading to a hunt in the woods or getting ready for a fishing trip.

I should feel lucky because I have never received gifts that make some wives cry.

Husbands—never get your wives these gifts!

1.)  Gym membership, treadmill, or any exercise equipment.  She is going to think you feel she is over-weight!

2.)  Appliances like a vacuum. She is your wife, not your maid.  Those purchases should be made together and not given as a gift.

3.) Gift card for a diet plan.  Seriously??!!!

4.)  High end scale. Again—seriously!!!!

5.)  Santa-themed lingerie.  She is your wife-not an elf!

6.)  Box of chocolates and a teddy bear.

7.)  A tool kit.

8.)  Cheap jewelry.

9.)  An oil change.  That’s regular car maintenance not a gift under the tree!!!

10.) An ‘I Owe You’.  Didn’t you do that when you lived with your mommy?

If you are looking for the perfect gift to get your lovely wife-ask her sister or best friend.  They can point you in the right direction!

By:  Dianah Gibson