Do Your Kids Wear Their Winter Coats To School?

The official start of winter is right around the corner, but according to meteorologists, cold temperatures are in our forecast!


To keep our kids safe and healthy, parents go out and buy them warm coats for protection from the cold temperatures and bone chilling winds.  We think our kids are going to wear them to the bus and to school, but then get a shock when we find those warm coats are still in the closet and not being used!

Has this happened to you?  It has with my daughter and son!  They claim they get too hot on the bus with their coat and that there is no room in their locker. Really! I wonder why I spend so much money on winter coats they do not wear.  It’s not just high school or college kids, either; young children are now trying to go without jackets.

As parents-what should we do? Not buy them or start a nice collection of kids winter coats?

–Dianah Gibson