School Halloween Parties-Should They Be Allowed?

I grew up in the Frederick County Public School System and remember having a Halloween Party while at Middletown Elementary School.   It was a day that my friends and I looked forward to for weeks.  The games, food, and being able to wear your costume. But that all changed years ago.


Instead of ‘Halloween’ parties, many schools host ‘Fall Festivals’ with healthy food choices.

Some schools systems and parents have stated many reasons why they don’t like the parties.

1.)  The costumes kids are wearing now look scarier, more realistic.

2.)  Many kids suffer from food allergies.

3.)  Parties take away from classroom instruction.

Gone are the donut eating contests, running for candy after the ghost pinata busted, and the goodie bag full of chocolate bars and Smarties.

Do you think Halloween parties should be allowed in schools?

-Dianah Gibson