TV Crew Films Ghosts In Shepherdstown

Destination America filmed a six part series in West Virginia’s eastern panhandle, the ‘Ghosts of Shepherdstown’.

The series focuses on the unexplained hauntings, accidents, and unsolved crimes in the historic town.

Shepherdstown is the oldest town in West Virginia. It’s also known for being the most haunted town in America!

Earlier this year, a team of paranormal investigators traveled to Shepherdstown to see for themselves what the town of 2000 residents has experienced for years.

The team consists of Nick Groff, Elizabeth Saint, and Bill Hartley.  

Groff is known as America’s Leading Paranormal Investigator. He had a near-death experience as a child and now he looks for ghosts while trying to find new evidence of the afterlife.

Saint has a B.S in Electrical Engineering and worked as an Engineer Technician for the Department of Defense. She uses her own engineered designs during investigations to further her research of the paranormal.

Hartley lived in a house full of paranormal activity as a child, and in 2006 founded the Greater Maryland Paranormal Society.

Each episode of ‘Ghosts of Shepherdstown’ begins with a 911 call from a frightened resident experiencing unexplained activity. After getting the call, police alert the paranormal team and the investigation begins!

Check out the trailer!!

–Dianah Gibson