Spook Hill — Haunted Or Not

If you grew up in Frederick County, you have heard about the ghostly legends associated with Spook Hill in Burkittsville, Maryland.

Spook Hill is a stretch of Gapland Road near a battle site of the Civil War where people say if you put your vehicle in neutral at the base of the hill, the ghosts of Confederate soldiers will push it back up the incline.

Rumors circulating around this mysterious phenomenon say that the ghosts of these soldiers believe they are still at war and pushing cannons and artillery pieces. Some thrill seekers have even said they have heard laughter coming from the woods.

Skeptics say it’s all an optical illusion because the natural surroundings make a downhill slope appear to go uphill.

Have you been pushed up Spook Hill?  Do you believe it’s haunted by the ghosts of Confederate soldiers or is it an optical illusion?

Check out the video and decide for yourself!

–Dianah Gibson