Crazy Halloween Costumes for 2016



Every year, some people or companies create the most unusual costumes.

These costumes are considered by some as offensive, strange, or tasteless! Like a homeless person, the lion killer dentist, or Chris Brown & Rihanna.

The latest costume to leave people scratching their heads is the ‘Kim Kardashian-I Got Robbed Costume’.  For just under $70, this costume comes with a white robe, rope, and a fake 4-carat diamond ring!

If you are looking for a unique costume this Halloween-don’t go offensive! Let the WFRE Free Country Wake Up Crew help with these creative costumes.

How about the Dianah Gibson, ‘Lexi Left The Nest & Flew To WVU. For this look wear your favorite old sweats with messy hair. Cry into a box of Kleenex while continually trying to Face Time someone who won’t answer your calls!

You may want to try the Tom Whalen, ‘I Live In Maryland But My Allegiance Is ALWAYS With Kentucky.  Just wear your favorite jeans and any of the following t-shirts: Louisville Cardinals, University of Kentucky Wildcats, or Morehead Eagles.

But for a softer approach on Halloween, try the Katie Ryan ‘I Want To Be Back In Atlantis’ costume. Put on your favorite swim suit and plastic pool toy looking towards the sunny sky with a smile.

The best news is the WFRE Free Country Wake Up Crew Costumes are G-rated and copyright free.

-Dianah Gibson