What’s Your Breaking Point For Turning On The ‘Heat’ In Your Home?

Frederick region expected to see temperatures drop to 36-degrees tonight.

Most of us are still recovering from the shock of our electric bills when the AC was running full blast!  Now it seems as if we are going from summer heat to the big chill.  Temperatures are forecast to drop to 36-degrees tonight.

This is when decisions are made.  How cold does it have to be outside before you turn on the heat or fire up the pellet stove?

Dianah Gibson says she is NOT turning the heat on until October 31st no matter what! Tom Whalen said when temperatures drop below 40-degrees. Katie Ryan says 50 degrees.

Daylight savings time ends on November 6th at 2 AM and meteorologists say the upcoming winter season will be cold and snowy! No matter when you turn on the heat, plan on keeping it ‘on’ for awhile.

-Dianah Gibson