Parents-Do You Know What Your Kids Are Doing On Social Media?

Several school systems in Maryland receiving on-line threats

As parents, we show our children how to be responsible and respectful.  We believe this will help our children make good choices in all situations.  But this may not be the case when it comes to social media.  Parents, how often do you monitor what your children post on social media?

Frederick County Public Schools in Maryland are now asking parents to monitor their kid’s social media accounts.  FCPS officials want parents to let their children know that certain things posted on social media sites could be considered threatening.

In Washington County Public Schools on Monday, there was an increase in police presence due to on-line social media threats. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office says they take these threats seriously and are investigating the incident.

In Prince Georges County on Monday, a high school student at Parkdale High School in Riverdale was arrested following “a threat of mass violence” made against the school.

The teen reportedly set up an account on Twitter with a clown theme in class and threatened to harm anyone at the high school during the school day.  That student has been charged with Threat of Mass Violence and other related charges.

Kids may think what they post on social media is funny, but their actions could have far reaching consequences. They need to realize their posts can be traced and they last forever on the world wide web.

-Dianah Gibson