Post 6: The ‘To-Do’ List

Things are starting to slow down a bit (for now) on our check list of things to do, but there are a few more items that I hope to check off in the next month!

  1. Our guest list….this is SO much harder than you think it would be! You obviously know all of your family, that’s easy. Friends, for the most part are a no-brainer either. Although, you can get into the “well, I haven’t seen them in 6 years, but I miss them….” That’s where your goal number of guest can get thrown right out the window. Tim and I would like to stay around 150 guest at our wedding. Right now, I am easily pushing a guest list of 200 (eeek!!).  I just want to invite everyone, but you definitely can’t do that. Tim keeps reminding me that it’s the people in our lives now and those that are really important that we want to be there with us on our special day. You also have to give your parent’s (it’s also a special day for them) the chance to invite some of their friends, their bosses and people like that. They are also important. So, we’ll see where the list ends up going!
  2. Wedding Website!! This is a lot of fun to work on, probably because i’m a nerd and just love creating websites and things like that. I have started on it using a wix account, but I just need to find the time to sit down and finish it!! I definitely want to include it on our save the dates so people can check out all the fun and details that is happening with our wedding.
  3. Save The Dates…I know it’s a little early, but it never hurts to prepare. I’ve started looking for ideas and the cheaper options that are around. This check list item also has finishing the guest list and collecting addresses included in it, too.
  4. Getting the guys fitted with M.Stein Tuxedos!!! I’m super excited for this “event” because we plan to turn it into a party at our house.  All of the groomsmen and our dads will come over and we are going to have food and fun while the guys get fitted and we check out the options that we’ve chosen and see what works best for everyone.
  5. The Girls!!! We need to get their bridesmaid dresses finalized, we have the color and style but sizing and ordering are still needed with TLC Bridal in downtown Frederick. The girls are in love and the prices are ahhh-mazinggg!!
  6. Honeymoon- CHECK!! We booked our honeymoon over the weekend and I can’t wait to pack our bags and go! We were jumping around between fun in the sun in St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos and finally decided on a new hotel at the Magestic resorts in Punta Cana!!

Can’t wait until I can tell you all about checking off these next items on my list 😉

<3 Katie Ryan