Kids Day At The Fair-Will This Be The Last One For Local Schools?

For those of us who went to Frederick County Public Schools, we remember the excitement of ‘Fair Day’.  A  day students would be off from school and be able to go to the fair and learn about our agricultural community while hanging out with friends.

It was a chance to see classmates who had been absent from school for the week because they were busy showing their animals and representing their 4-H groups with pride.

But-what happens to ‘Fair Day’ now the Gov. Larry Hogan has signed an executive order stating that all schools in Maryland start after Labor Day.  Some elected officials say this will give a boost to local economies while giving families more time to spend together.

Now school districts in Maryland are scrambling to figure out how to have students attend the mandatory 180 days of classes between Labor Day and June 15th while working in professional development days and holidays. There are also rumors circulating that ‘Fair Day’ may be removed from the Frederick County Public School calendar next year.

Some think ‘Fair Day’ should be eliminated, others disagree and believe its necessary for kids to learn the importance of agriculture in Frederick County.  How food actually gets to their dinner table.

I graduated from Middletown High School and always loved going to the Great Frederick Fair on ‘Fair Day’. I hope this in not the last year local school children will be able to have this day off from school to learn how important their local farmers are to the community.

Today Katie, Tom, Dave, and I will be out at the 154th Great Frederick Fair for Kids Day.  This is a day we all enjoy at the fair. Stop by and play corn hole with the WFRE crew.  You may win a t-shirt while making memories at the fair that will last a life time!

-Dianah Gibson