Go Fund Me Page Created For Family Whose Barn Was Destroyed By Fire

On Tuesday morning the Smith Family in Woodsboro lost their barn is a massive fire. Now family and loved ones are rallying around the family!


Photo: Bob Miller


Early in the morning on September 20th, the Smith family of Woodsboro lost their barn and milking parlor due to a devastating fire. The Smith family owns and operates Dublin Hills Brown Swiss.

There will be many costs involved with helping the family until they are able to get another milking parlor up and running. Insurance deductibles will need to be met, feed purchased, etc… Thankfully, their beloved cows were spared. Another local farmer was so gracious and stepped up to take the cows in at his farm, where they can be milked and kept safe. The barn is still burning, as the family has not received the go ahead from their insurance company to demolish the ruined structure. There is wood and hay inside the barn that is continuing to rekindle.

Please donate if you are able. Frederick County is a strong farming community and we need to pull together to help this farm get back up and running.

-Dianah Gibson