Blog Post 5: Pictures, Suits and Tastings Oh MY!!

Things are coming together! Slowly but surely. I never knew picking out the guys suits would be so much fun!

Tim and I met with Darryl from M. Stein Tuxedos last weekend and sat down at our coffee table and went over everything we needed from top to bottom.
Tim is a “suit” guy so immediately we started looking into the options for suits. The best part about the meeting with M.Stein at this stage is that you don’t have to make ANY final decisions. It’s more about finding a couple options or colors that you like best and would like to see in person. Tim and I each looked though the options and chose one that we each liked. They both happened to be a dark steel grey color, so we knew that was an easy decision already made!
Next came the options of vest- do we want them for the groomsmen, just Tim or for everyone? Then the tie (my favorite part because you get to have fun with a pop of color!) It really helped knowing my color scheme at this point because I was able to look for that perfect shade of blue and then choose from the tie designs that were available. I even threw in a white tie that Tim might wear to stand apart from the rest of the guys. We’ll see!
Our next appointment with M.Stein will be seeing all of the options (suits, ties, vests, shoes, etc.) in person and all in Tim’s sizes so he can model them for me 😉 Once we decide on what we like best, next comes the fitting appointment for the rest of the guys in the bridal party.

I also wanted to tell you about the amazing evening we spent at a sunflower garden where we took our engagement pictures! Such a fun idea! Check out a few of my favorites below in the picture gallery. Choosing what you want to wear for engagement pictures is tough! I knew with such a gorgeous background setting I wouldn’t need anything busy or too loud for what I was going to wear. I tried to keep it pretty simple. A black dress, a cute white top and jeans and then a casual off-the-shoulder blouse. For Tim, I just told him to pick two plain colored shirts and whatever shorts and he would look handsome! The photographer did the rest!

This week, Tim and I also got to fill our tummy’s with the delicious food that we want to have at our wedding! We had a tasting and sampled- bacon wrapped scallops, prime rib, pasta, salmon, and a mashed potato bar!!
Recently, we were at one of my friend’s wedding and she had food stations instead of the plated dinner or a buffet. WE LOVED IT! We had so much fun going from station to station and picking the food and the amount that we wanted and then heading back to our table to eat. So, we decided to go with food stations for our wedding, too!!


Comment in the section on our Facebook page and let me know any ideas and thoughts you have about anything wedding!! I’d love to hear what made your day special 🙂

<3 Katie Ryan