Blog post 1: Behind the Purple Door!

Welcome to my bridal blog!!!! <3

blog1I was standing on the dock overlooking the water at beautiful Cunningham falls park, when the man that I love knelt down in front of me holding out a gorgeous sparkly ring in a little wooden box. I remember thinking I was dreaming because I knew that I had dreamt about that exact moment so many times. It’s here. He proposed and we are getting married…for real!! I still can’t believe it.

My fiancés name is Tim and we met after we both returned home from college through mutual friends. We actually went to Linganore High School together, but didn’t hang around the same people, so we didn’t talk to each other much. Now, we are planning a wedding, together. I feel like as much as it is about the woman, I think the man needs to put his touch on the wedding to make it “our” special day.

The only part that he definitely doesn’t get to be part of is choosing my wedding dress. Next weekend, is THAT big day. I had been to a few bridal salons with other friends in the past, but I knew exactly where I wanted to go and where I WILL be buying my dream dress from. You may have seen the purple door in Downtown Frederick. But, have you been inside that purple door? Well, if you haven’t, let me tell you about walking up the stairs to bridal heaven at TLC Bridal Boutique! Dress after dress, veils, stunning jewelry, hair pieces, mother of the bride or groom dresses, they literally have everything you could want. Gowns line the walls of the entire store.

J.J., the owner of TLC Bridal Boutique, and I spoke about setting up my appointment and she talked about making it the most special day for me and my family that will be coming to help me deicide (My mom, my dad, Tim’s mom and my maid-of-honor/ cousin). I couldn’t believe it when she said she could make it a private experience and provide us with appetizers, champagne or wine. She told me the day that you chose your wedding dress should be YOUR day. Stress free, relaxing and fun!

I personally don’t know what style or exact dress I will choose. I tend to pin on my wedding idea Pinterest board all different types. Maybe a ball gown, but then again, I think mermaid is gorge, too. So, it should be fun to try on all different types of dresses. I know J.J. will be able to help me pick out great options in my taste. AND I can’t wait to hear what you all think when I post pics! (don’t worry, Tim won’t see!). The best part about TLC Bridal, I can find my dream wedding dress without breaking my set budget. They have the best gowns for the best prices!

I will be posting every step of the way, all the details, ideas, and hopes for our day and I hope you join me on my journey over the year to our wedding day on June 17, 2017!


<3 Katie Ryan