Taylor Swift Has Moved On!

Calvin Harris did not for a second see “Swiddleston” coming.

Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend was completely blindsided by the news she’d rebounded with Tom Hiddleston.

But one of Calvin’s buddies claims the DJ is chill. (quote) “He’s moved on and is happy.” Naturally. A grown man isn’t supposed to be broken up that an ex-girlfriend has found a replacement.

People magazine initially reported that Calvin was “aware” that Taylor had taken an interest in the British actor. But late last night, the magazine changed its headline to read: “Calvin Harris ‘Did Not Know‘ About Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.”

Only two weeks ago, Taylor and Calvin were still together. But she made a public statement to her ex with those photos, (quote) “We are never ever getting back together.”

The account from People magazine bolsters an earlier report from the New York Post that Calvin was about to propose when Taylor called it quits. One of his friends revealed in early June, (quote) “She broke up with him this week. She gave a B.S. excuse about her career. He was ring shopping.”