Cam’s New Music Video For ‘Mayday’

Cam had big ideas for the video for her new single, “Mayday.” She wanted to channel one of her own personal heroes, female aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. Cam says, “She wasn’t trying to be an icon, she just wanted to fly.”

In the video, Cam plays a female aviator who is dragged down by her unsupportive mate, which provides the perfect parallel between the Earhart story and the lyrics of “Mayday.”

Cam talked about growing as an artist through her music videos, “Your music videos, it’s a really fun thing to watch, I bet, from the outside too because you learn so much just like in our music, how we’re getting better. I feel like I get to learn more as an artist who creates music videos. I’ve got big ideas. My skill level is coming up” (Premiere Prep)

Check out the video here!