Prince Scheduled for Intervention Before Death

Shocking development in the investigation into the death of Prince.

A Minneapolis lawyer has made a shocking revelation about the death of Prince. An intervention had been scheduled for the morning his body was discovered.

The night before he died, the singer’s reps requested the help of a California specialist in opioid addiction treatment. Attorney William Mauzy told the Minneapolis Star Tribune (quote) “Prince was dealing with a grave medical emergency.”

Dr. Howard Kornfeld could not immediately clear his schedule to meet with Prince. It was his son who made the fateful 911 call on April 21 to report a death at Paisley Park.

Andrew Kornfeld had taken a red-eye flight to Minneapolis to “quickly evaluate his health and devise a treatment plan.” The goal of this intervention was to convince Prince to undergo around-the-clock care in California.

Multiple sources say the singer had been abusing prescription painkillers.

Unfortunately, Andrew Kornfeld arrived the morning Prince’s body was discovered in the elevator. Kornfeld was just one of three people at Paisley Park. He made the 911 call, because the staffers “were in too much shock.”

Andrew informed the dispatcher (quote) “The people are just distraught. We’re in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are at the home of Prince.” (Premiere Prep)