I Woke Up Like This Podcast


EPISODE 23- Lips Overview

We are kicking off LIPS!! Full blended lips and lip liner are something that many women want to know more about! If you want to add color to your lips or just give them a natural shade, you can do that at Indellibelle with their soft tap method. Find out all of the details in this episode!

Episode 22- Girls Night In, All About Acupuncture!

We dive into the world of acupuncture! A fun girls night talking about a different type of beauty and relaxation for your body. What is it? What does an appointment look like? Does it hurt? and how your tongue can give away all your body secrets, just by looking at it!


The Podcast

About the Podcast

Want fierce brows, the perfect pout and stunning eyelashes, but don’t have time in the morning to put it all on?!  Now you don’t have to with Indellibelle here to save you time!

Katie Ryan from the Free Country Wake Up Crew is in love with everything beauty and wants to answer your questions and share all the secrets to semi-permanent make up (and more!) and Ashley, owner of Indellibelle, in Downtown Frederick is here to help!

So turn up the dial and dive in to all things glam with Katie and Ashley, every other week!

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