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{Katie’s Baby Blog} Lily’s 11 Month Update

Eleven months has been a month full of fun with Lily!

We started out the month thinking that she would be running by the end of the month, but it looks like she is taking her time with that! She DID take her first steps! Which was so exciting, but she really hasn’t been that interested in it. She will stand up and take a couple steps and then decide that it isn’t fast enough and get down and crawl.

She is also talking so much! Well…trying to talk. Copying everything I say with a baby talk twist to it! “Thank you,” “All done,” “Here you go,” “Hi” and a few other little things. It’s all so cute coming out of her mouth.

We finally got a little playroom finished for her where we could put all of the toys that we have acquired for her in one space, and a safe place that she can play in without me following her around taking things out of her hands and making sure shes not putting things in her mouth. It is so much nicer.

She is still on a strict sleeping schedule, per her request! Which makes going out to dinner at a restaurant very challenging unless we go for an early dinner. She is just like her Mama and when she is tired…she is ready for bed NOW. We had our first ‘leave a restaurant without eating out food incident’. We had reservations at a new Mexican restaurant, but ended up waiting an hour to sit. So…as we crept closer to 7:00 PM I saw her getting grouchier and grouchier. Then, once it was 7:00 she had a full on meltdown! Screaming, right as the waiter was bringing us out our food. Luckily, my parents were with us and said you guys just get it to go! So we boxed up our food, took Lily home to bed and had a nice Mexican meal at home.

We tried a restaurant again yesterday morning…success! Breakfast is a much better time to take her out. She was well rested and LOVES pancakes and eggs.

Halloween was fun! We didn’t go tick-or-treating because of the weather, but we did go to her daycare Halloween party and had a blast! All of the kids dressed up and Lily was the CUTEST unicorn ever! She really didn’t mind the costume because it was just like a puffy zip up jacket with a hood that kept her warm.

Now that it is November, we are officially in her birthday month! I can’t even begin to describe the emotions and feelings looking back on the past year with her…but, ill save all of that for another post.

Right now, I am focusing on celebrating her 1st Birthday on the 18th! We are definitely throwing a big family party and I can not wait! Balloons, decorations, cake, cookies…I am ready to give this little girl a party that…she probably wont remember. BUT, we sure will!

<3 Katie Ryan

{Katie’s Baby Blog} Pumpkin Fun!

Our first pumpkin patch trip with Lily was definitely something that I’ve been looking forward to since I found out I was pregnant. Since she is November baby, we had to wait almost a year for fun fall events!

I know…it’s kind of ridiculous to be so excited for something like that, but doing memorable things with your baby is one of my favorite parts about being a Mom.

We had a lot of fun at the Pumpkin Patch! We went on the tractor ride and she loved it.  Then, walked through the pumpkin patch and sat her down in the middle of the pumpkins and she loved climbing on the pumpkins. We took pictures, and then picked a pretty little white pumpkin.

Of course, we went last Saturday…so one of the most popular days in October to be there. We wanted to do the entire experience with the slides, farm animals and other kid things, but with an 11 month old, after going on the tractor ride and walking through the patch, then waiting in a 30 minute line to buy the pumpkins we picked…we

decided that was enough. I think she is a little too young to do most of the other things that were available anyway; and we were all tired by that point.

I can’t wait until Halloween to dress her up and push her around the neighborhood!!


{Katie’s Baby Blog} 10 Month Milestones

My sweet little baby is soaking up new things like a sponge. It amazing how at almost 11 months old, she has suddenly become a toddler and not my little baby anymore.

We have mastered “uh oh” and now it has become a game. Ill hand her something and she will hold it out, drop it… and then look at me and say “uh oh!”

She is all over the place; and my back is just about shot picking her up all day and putting her back down. 20 lbs…is heavier than you think! I’m just waiting for her to take her first step…it’s hard. Good thing is she loves anything interactive. So, I can always put her in her walker, the swing, her little car that I push outside, or her sit-to-stand v-tech toy

Teeth are coming in…slowly. Still only two bottom teeth so we still feed her “softer” foods since shes pretty much gumming everything. She loves bananas, butternut squash, and pasta!

We also had a fun event last weekend, Lily’s cousin Libby’s first birthday! My sister-in-law and I were pregnant together expecting a few weeks apart, so we were excited to celebrate by niece, but it also means that Lily’s first birthday is next!

Time to plan….

<3 Katie Ryan


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