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{Katie’s Baby Blog} 40 Weeks…No baby yet!!

No baby yet! Yes, i’m still working, yes, my belly is huge and yes, it’s rough!

I know baby gets to decide when she wants to come out and she’s still strengthening her little lungs and putting on weight, but I wouldn’t mind if she was ready to come out….right now!

So, what do you do at 40 weeks pregnant??? WALK, WALK, WALK is probably number 1, coming in at a close second is sleep!

Trying to induce labor is also fun! I have a pregnancy ball that I’ve been bouncing on as much as I can to help make sure she is in position. Also, I am not a huge fan of spicy foods, but I have been trying to eat it as much as possible.

Mary-Jean from Voila! is also amazing and has tea with Red Raspberry Leaf in it, which is supposed to help induce labor (Wild Elderberry), so I have been drinking that, too!

I feel like I’ve tried everything– including eating a super greasy garlic-y white pizza from a local place that has been known to induce labor in women!

The only thing that I haven’t tried is castor oil…i’m a little scared, and not sure if I am brave enough to try it! But, we will see…if she’s not here next week, I may have to think about it!

Any other ideas! Let me know!

{Katie’s Baby Blog} 39 Weeks Update!

Here we are! 39 weeks and everything hurts. Baby is full term and I can not wait to meet her…hopefully soon! My due date is next week, but any day that she wants to make her grand entrance into the world, we are ready!

The baby’s size compared to a watermelon sounds HUGE, but when I look at myself sideways, I have to agree…yep, watermelon. I’m still working and waiting for signs that she is on her way– she is sitting verrrryyyy low and my belly has definitely dropped!

39 weeks is SUPER challenging. Sleeping is impossible at this point. Nesting is full on– my husband and I have been cleaning and organizing things around the house like crazy.

Getting up and down from the couch or a chair, requires help and nothing fits me

anymore, including my maternity clothes! Clothes for work are the hardest to pick out because all I want to wear are sweats and comfy lounge pants.

But…baby girl and I are still moving along throughout the day, stopping for frequent naps and walking as much as I can! I’m also thinking I should try to eat as much spicy food as I can and jump on all the labor inducing tricks that everyone has given me.

So, i’ll be spending this next week waiting on the baby, resting and relaxing, finishing up last minute nursery items, and spending time with my husband.

<3 Katie Ryan

Katie’s Hospital Bag List!

37 Weeks and counting down the days now!! It was definitely time to pack the hospital bag (last week!) so, here we are, still checking off items on my list.

What to pack??? That was a harder question than I thought! There are so many lists out there and your hospital bag could go from an overnight bag for the weekend to looking like you’re headed on a week long vacation! I went for a large gym bag with pockets for mine!

Pinterest is the best place to find lists of items just for what needs to come to the hospital. I am all about the essential items for me. Not too much into the extras or the “you could need this,” mainly because, I know that if I do need something that I didn’t pack, I can always call on someone to bring it to me.

I found a great list that one woman wrote after she had her baby, called “If I Could Re-Pack My Hospital Bag” (could be a good idea for me to do another post after baby like that!), she listed her top items and the things that just took up room in her bag that she never used.

Things she said you DON’T need: Extra baby clothes, diapers, other baby essentials that the hospital gives you, and your entire make-up bag.

Essential items she said you can’t live without: Chapstick, comfy robe, slipper socks.

So…. after talking to friends and family about what they packed, looking at a ton of lists online, I made my own!

Check it out below….don’t forget about Dad, too! It’s important that he has everything he needs, too, so he can be there for you!

Katie’s hospital bag!

For labor: 

  • Chapstick
  • hairties
  • comfy slipper socks
  • ID’s
  • Insurance cards and any other docs you may need for work.

After Labor:

  • Cozy Robe
  • 2-3 pair comfortable pants
  • 2-3 comfortable shirts (Or breastfeeding gowns)
  • soft wireless bras
  • Postpartum underwear
  • phone charger (or portable chargers in case there is not an open plug to use)
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Make-Up: totally personal preference, I included just a few items like – concealer, eyeliner, mascara.
  • boppy-  (leave this in the car) you might want it to help with feeding the baby
  • deoderant
  • hairbrush
  • Shower stuff: mini shampoo and conditioner, soap (shower flip flops, too)

Dad Bag:

  • 2 shirts, 2 shorts
  • sweatshirt- the hospital suggested this one! They said women like the temp. COLD in the room during labor and dad might want a sweatshirt.
  • pillow and blanket
  • book
  • snacks
  • toothbrush
  • phone and charger
  • cash/coins for the machines

Baby Bag:

  • Sleeper outfit (2)
  • blanket
  • car seat (in the car)
  • socks/hat
  • newborn mittens

That’s what I have…so far! Let me know if there is anything that you absolutely NEEDED, so I can add it, too!


<3 Katie Ryan

New Mom!


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