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{Katie’s Baby Blog} Snow Baby!!

Yesterday we got a few inches of snow and I was so excited to finally take Lily outside to play!

I bundled her up as soon as she woke up from her nap and took her outside with my husband. At first she was so confused as to why she was in such a puffy coat and snow boots (that are a little too big for her yet) but she figured it out quickly and sat right down in the snow and wanted to play and pick it up.

We bought this cute sled for her from Walmart as a Christmas gift and it’s perfect for toddlers! It has a small seat and a buckle so you can strap them in. Then it has a rope to pull them around the yard. What a workout!

When she was done with the sled, she walked around the yard and played with snowballs and then decided to eat the snow–which she loved! It was so funny because, I couldn’t get her to stop eating the snow! She was a little upset even, when I picked her up to take her inside.

I’m surprised she loved it so much! Check out the cute picture and video of my little snow bunny below 😉

{Katie’s Baby Blog} Lily Met Santa…and Hated Him

Not surprising at all that a one year old was afraid of Santa. We tried to make it as easy for her as we could. “Santa” showed up at my parents house, a place that she is at a lot.

We all said “hi” to Santa and tried to show her that he was nice, but when it got to the time to sit on his lap….she said “NOPE!”

Her shirt even said “Team Santa”…she was not.

We tried! Santa even gave her a lollipop….which, she gladly accepted and ate…but was not trying to hangout with Santa after that haha!

Poor Lily was just not happy….but I still think the pictures are cute 😉

Peep the picture to the left!  << That’s Lily right after we sat her on Santa’s lap.

Below is the picture of her after she got a lollipop and BEFORE she started crying again.

I think Santa is coming to her daycare Christmas party later today, too….yay.

<3 Happy Holidays!!!

Katie Ryan


{Katie’s Baby Blog} Holiday Traditions with Lily

This will be Lily’s second Christmas! Last year she was only a month old so we didn’t really celebrate much. Thanksgiving we were just out of the hospital, so we stayed home and for Christmas I was still recovering from my c-section so we didn’t do too much that day either.

But…this year, I want to start our family holiday traditions! I know she is only 1 year old and probably won’t remember much from this year but it will be fun for us, too.

I’m sure our holiday traditions aren’t much different from yours, we always put up our Christmas tree and decorations after Thanksgiving and decorate the outside of our house with lights, too.

I love baking cookies and making hot chocolate and watching cheesey Hallmark movies; so I can’t wait until she is old enough to do those things with me. I can start by letting her watch me bake cookies and helping with taste testing!

On Christmas Eve, we always go to my grandpa’s house for dinner and to open presents during the day. We love to go to Christmas Mass that evening. Then, when we go home, before bed we like to watch a Christmas movie. My mom always gave my brother and I one present to open Christmas Eve and it was always PJ’s to wear to bed. I love that tradition so I definitely am going to start that with Lily this year!

Milk and cookies will go out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer!

Then, we will wake up early Christmas morning and open presents, have a delicious breakfast and then go spend the rest of the day with our family!

Just spending time with your family during the holidays is so important to us. Rushing around gets hard sometimes, but if we didn’t do it, I know we would wish we were with our family and all of the craziness that comes with the holiday.

It’s all so special and I am so excited to create fun memories for Lily!

<3 Katie Ryan

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