Woman Pleads Guilty For Attempting To Smuggle Opioids Into State Prison In Washington County

The drugs were intercepted as part of an ongoing battle against the flow of contraband in and out of prisons.

Hagerstown, Md. (BW)- A Baltimore woman pleaded guilty on Tuesday, Feb 20, in Washington County Circuit Court for trying to smuggle drugs into a Maryland State Prison.

Julie Chatterton, 25, entered a plea deal which led to the dismissal of 19 charges including one count of felony drug possession with intent to distribute. She pleaded guilty, however, to one misdemeanor count of delivering contraband into a penal facility.

In June, 2023, Chatterton came to Roxbury Correctional Institution to visit her boyfriend, who is an inmate there. She attempted to deliver buprenorphine, a powerful synthetic opioid, into the prison by leaving them in a diaper disposal can.

Authorities at the facility intercepted the drugs before the delivery could be completed.

Chatterton was sentenced to two years in state prison, but her sentence was suspended to three years of supervised probation. Additionally, she will have to undergo a substance abuse evaluation and adhere to any treatment that follows.