Voter Education Campaign Launched By Md. State Board Of Elections

It urges voters to make a plan to vote during the May 14th Primary.

Annapolis, Md (KM) The Maryland State Board of Elections has launched a voter education campaign in advance of the 2024 Primary Election. “This is our voter outreach campaign. It is to encourage all eligible voters to make a plan to vote, and provide critical information on the ways to vote, and key deadlines associated with the upcoming Primary Election on May 14th,” says Jared DeMarinis, the State Administrator for the Board of Elections.

He says the first part of the campaign is getting information out on voter registration, such as Tuesday, April 23rd,  2024 being the last day to register on line or by mail for citizens who want to vote. “After that, it gives the dates for  early voting, and election day as well as  information on how to receive vote by mail as well,”: says DeMarinis.

Early voting takes place from May 2nd to May 9th, including the Saturday and Sunday during that period. DeMarinis says citizens can also register to vote on the days of early voting, and Primary Election Day itself on May 14th.

This  voter outreach and education  campaign will be advertised on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Snapchat, broadcast TV and radio, and print.

Along with learning about the candidates running for office and the issues, DeMarinis says it’s important for everyone who intends  to exercise their civic duty to plan out how they are going to vote, especially, if they’re going to be too busy to get to the polls on Primary Election Day. “If you know that on May 14th, you’re going to busy or things might come up,” you can say “oh, I’m going to use one
of those early voting {centers}, and go that location  because it along my way there.” says DeMarinis.

He also says citizens need to realize that the Maryland State Board of Elections and their   local elections offices  are the best sources for information about the Primary Election. “This is to make sure there is a trusted messenger relaying electoral information to voters,” he says.

He says the website to visit is You can reach the Frederick County Elections Office at 301-600-VOTE {8673).

By Kevin McManus