Two Area Farms To Be Highlighted On ‘Maryland Farm & Harvest’

The program will air next week on MPT.

(Picture  from Maryland Public Television)

Frederick, Md (KM)  Two area farms will be featured on “Maryland Farm and Harvest” which will be broadcast on Maryland Public Television on Tuesday of next week.

One of them is the Peace and Plenty Rural Historic District in Frederick County. Robert Ferrier, the Series Producer, says it’s ten farmsteads on 1,000 acres of land in the New Market area. “A group of farmsteads that are sort of interconnecting.  And they all got together and decided to preserve the farmsteads so they’ll always remain agricultural,” he says.

Peace and Plenty Rural Historic District is bounded by Detrick Road, Old Annapolis Road, Green Valley Road and Old National Pike. The County Council approved the Rural Historic District on April 4th, 2023.

Ferrier says there are a number homes and farm buildings on these  properties which were constructed between 1760 and 1940. “Any structures are just amazing,” he says. “There’s old stone houses, stone barns. It’s really, really unique.”

A news release from MPT says viewers will get a bird’s eye view of the properties which have stayed nearly the same for 200 years, and meet some of the farmers and property owners.

The second area agricultural operation featured on next week’s “Maryland Farm and Harvest” will be  Pathfinder Farms in Keedysville in Washington County. Ferrier says it’s run by Nate and Natalie Kraft. “They’re actually growing Bloody Butcher Corn. which is this wonderfully, beautiful red corn,” he says. “It’s actually a heritage stock corn. It may have been grown in that area as far back as 100 years ago.”

“They’re harvesting this Bloody Butcher Corn, and distilling moonshine right on their property,” Ferrier continues.

He says the  moonshine is available for sale at farmers’  markets.

There is a difference between moonshine and whiskey. “Everything is distilled. But whiskey is aged in barrels and that gives it sort of darker characteristics and flavor. Moonshine is bottled right out of the stills,” he says.

The Pathfinder Farms feature is part of the “Local Buy” segment of the program.

The episode featuring the Peace and Plenty Rural Historic District and Pathfinder Farms will air on Tuesday, March 5th at: 7:00 PM on MPT.   Ferrier says this will be the season finale, but the program is not going away. “Absolutely, we are back with an all new season 12  starting in  the fall,” he says. “We’ve already started developing a new season. We’ve got some wonderful stories ahead.”

Ferrier says the program has been popular over the years because viewers can be entertained and learn something at the same time. It also gives viewers, particularly those in urban and suburban areas, a chance to get to know their farmer. “Most people actually don’t know their farmer. They don’t know the people who are growing their food. And that’s what we like to do, “he says. “We look to pull back the curtain, give the viewer an inside view of that farmer; what’s behind that cornfield; what’s down that farm lane. And I think that’s what’s stuck with people. They just love it.”

By Kevin McManus