Md. State Fire Marshal’s Office Recommends Citizens Celebrate The 4th At A Public Fireworks Display

The agency has an up to date list on its website of all public displays around the state.

Pikesville, Md (KM) The Independence  Day Holiday is coming up next week, and that always means fireworks. The Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office is encouraging residents to take in a public fireworks display to celebrate July 4th rather than setting them off themselves. “Every fireworks site is inspected prior to the show beginning, and also just before the first firework is shot off. We can assure that we can have qualified professionals on site that had inspected that show and made sure all the paperwork is right; and that each one of those fireworks can be launched without any repercussions to the public,” says Oliver Alkire, Master Deputy State Fire Marshal.

He says the State Fire Marshal’s Office has a list of public fireworks displays around the state which residents can attend.

But if you want to set off consumer fireworks, Alkire says a few  fireworks are legal in some parts of Maryland, but not all. He says it’s best to use those fireworks in the jurisdictions where  they were purchased. “What we  always tell folks is that if you have to cross the state line to purchase something, it’s automatically illegal. What we always tell folks is always purchase wherever you’re going to shoot the product from within that county,” he says.

Consumer fireworks are prohibited in Montgomery, Prince George, Harford and Howard Counties, and Baltimore city and Ocean City.

Alkire says in some parts of the state, ground based sparklers are the only legal fireworks. “Anything that you can actually purchase in a Target or a Wal Mart, we can assure you those are just ground-based sparkling devices, poppers and such. All those are considered legal in the state of Maryland,” says Alkire.

Fireworks which are illegal in Maryland are firecrackers, cherry bombs, Black Cats, M-80’s, Crackling Balls, Smoke Bombs, Roman candles, and Bottle Rockets. Also, any fireworks that can be shot from a mortar tube are not legal. .

For those planning to shoot off  legal fireworks, Alkire says it’s important to never allow small children to use fireworks, and don’t consume alcoholic beverages when setting off fireworks. “Always have a bucket of water or a hose available. That’s extremely important especially right now with the dry conditions we have,” he says. “And always afterwards, fully extinguish the remains of any fireworks on your property.”

For those planning on  attending the Fourth of July festivities at  Baker Park in Frederick, the fireworks display is scheduled to begin at 9:30 PM.

By Kevin McManus