Maryland General Assembly Passes Four Bills Aimed At Improving Housing

Three of these bills are part of Governor Wes Moore’s Housing Package

Annapolis, Md. (BW) – Maryland lawmakers passed several bills aimed at improving affordable housing supply throughout the state and protecting renters.

House Bill 538 incentivizes developers to add affordable housing units to future projects. It also allows developers to exceed typical density limits if a certain portion of the development is deemed affordable housing.

House Bill 599 allows the development of a new state entity that would have the goal of providing loans and investments to improve low-income communities. The new entity will be called the Maryland Community Investment Corporation.

The Renters’ Rights and Stabilization Act would also create a new state entity. The Office of Tenants and Landlord Affairs would provide information about renters protections and legal actions in regards to lease agreements and other legality measures in landlord-tenant relationships

These three bills are part of Governor Wes Moore’s priority housing package. They were passed with some amendments.

The Tenant Safety Act was also passed. This bill would keep landlords more accountable when it comes to properly addressing and repairing life-threatening issues on a rented property. If not taken care of appropriately, tenants can file a complaint with local district courts. As part of this, tenants can also put rent payments in escrow until the complaint has been dealt with.

An escrow is a agreement where a third party holds on to money or property for the transacting groups or individuals until agreed upon conditions have been met.

All four bills now go to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.