Maryland General Assembly Considering Sales & Use Tax Changes

The measure would decrease the rate by one cent, but extend it to other services currently not taxed.

Annapolis, Md (KM) A bill to decrease the sales and use tax rate, but apply it to services currently untaxed was  before the House Ways and Means Committee for a hearing  last week. The measure would lower the rate from six cents on the dollars to five cents on the dollar. But it would extend tit o other services which are currently untaxed, such as veterinary services, service dogs, legal services, manicures and pedicures, according to Frederick County  Delegate April Miller. “If that passed, it would be one of the biggest sales tax increases in history,” Miller says.

She says she will work to make sure that doesn’t’ happen.

The sponsor of the legislation is Delegate David Moon of Montgomery County. He says the additional revenue is needed to help the state with its budgetary challenges. He mentions paying for the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, an improvement plan for the state’s public schools.

Some opponents say it will hurt Maryland’s economically disadvantaged population.

No action has been taken  on this bill by the House of Delegates.

By Kevin McManus