Fund Created to Preserve Historic Clock Tower at Trinity Chapel

The clock tower is located above Trinity Chapel.

Photo courtesy of Community Foundation of Frederick County


FREDERICK, MD. (LG) A fund has been created with the Community Foundation of Frederick County to help preserve the historic clock tower at Trinity Chapel, located in downtown Frederick.

“Well, we always work on trying to keep all of our properties in good repair,” said church spokesman David Cooney. “In evaluating and surveying our property, we realized that the clock tower was in need of some work. It’s been maintained, but it’s old. It was put up in 1793 and some of its age has caught up with it.”

Since 1807, the clock tower has served Frederick as the official town clock. “We have been working with engineers, and at one point with the Park Service that does restoration, to see what was involved, and we realized that it needs some more significant remodeling and repairs to keep it (the tower clock) structurally sound and to keep it looking good,” Cooney continued.

The repair work is expected to cost about $1million to $1.5 million.

The Community Foundation of Frederick County is a leader in grant and scholarship funding.


By Loretta Gaines