Frederick Mayor To Introduce Proposed FY ’25 Budget On April 1st

He says the property tax rate will remain the same.

Mayor Michael O’Connor

Frederick, Md (KM) It will soon be budget season in the City of Frederick. Mayor Michael O’Connor says he will introduce his proposed fiscal year 2025 budget on April 1st. “That’s not a joke,” he says. “We actually put the budget out on April 1st. . That’s what the charter requires us to do.”

The Mayor made his comments recently on WFMD’s “Morning News Express.” O’Connor was asked about crime in the city of Frederick by host Bob Miller, and whether the crime rate was high, and then it transitioned into a discussion about the budget.

He said the crime rate is low in Frederick compared to other cities. But Frederick is not resting on its laurels. “We don’t take it for granted that we’re a relatively safe community because every incident is a person who’s been victimized,” says Mayor O’Connor. “And we want to make sure  that we’re doing all that we can to keep that as small a number as it possibly can be.”

But despite Frederick being a  relatively  safe place, Mayor O’Connor says he will continue to put the needed   resources in place for the Frederick Police Department in his budget. “And support for the Police Department and the continued need for officers is part of what we’re going to be proposing,” he says.

O’Connor could not say how much his proposed budget will total, but the city’s property tax rate will remain at $0.7305    at $100 of assessed value.

Fiscal year 2025 begins on July 1st, 2024.

By Kevin McManus