Frederick County Lists Ways To Call 911 During AT&T Cellular Outage

Other carriers are reported some outages as well.

Frederick, Md (KM) There’s a nationwide outage on the AT&T cellular network, and that could make it difficult to contact 911 in case of an emergency.

If you need to contact emergency services, Frederick County Government officials say you can use your phone’s SOS/ Emergency call functions, or .another phone with a different carrier. Citizens can also use a land line or a VOIP line. VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol which allows customers to make a call through an Internet connection. You can  also text 911.

County officials say only call 911 for emergencies; don’t call just to see if your cell phone is working.

Some smaller outages have been reported among other cell phone providers.

According to data collected from Downdetector, AT&T is reporting 73,000 outages nationwide as of Thursday morning.. Cricket Wireless has more than 13,000. Verizon has more than 4,000 outages, and T-Mobile has 1,000 outages.  Boost Mobile has about 700 outages.

By Kevin McManus