Frederick County Delegation Chair Wraps Up Maryland General Assembly Session

Tremendous amount of fee increases passed.

FREDEDRICK, MD. (LG) Monday marked the end of the 2024 Maryland General Assembly Session. Frederick County Delegation Chairman, Jesse Pippy, said there were a lot of positive bills that passed, as it relates to juvenile crime. ” We kind of unwound some of the poor decisions that occurred a few years ago, and we once again, will hold juveniles that commit certain offenses accountable,” Pippy said.

Two years ago the result of the Juvenile Justice Reform Council recommended that if you were under the age of 13 you could not be held accountable, at all, for nearly any crime. “It once again created a system where if you are under the age of 13 and you are carjacking, or if you have offenses related to guns, or animal abuse, you can actually be held accountable and enter the juvenile system. Essentially we now have an opportunity to set this kids straight,” continued Pippy.

Frederick County is also slated to receive $24 million dollars for special projects. “Many propositions were made to raise taxes this year during the session. The effort was much heavier as opposed to other years,” he said.

Pippy said there was a tremendous amount of fee increases passed that will definitely have an impact on Marylanders. ” For example the registration for cars. When people pay every two years for their registration renewal, fees will go up. Tolls are going to go up. I think we are tracking several hundred fee increases,” Pippy continued.

The Frederick County Delegation put in 17 bills and 14 of them will be signed into law.  

The2024 Maryland General Assembly Session ended on Monday.

By Loretta Gaines