Frederick County Council Grants Express Approval To Proposed England Woods Development

It’s expected to generate 550 new homes in the New Market area.

Frederick, Md (KM) The proposed England Woods housing development in the New Market area was given express approval Tuesday night by the Frederick County Council.   That means the developer can begin the process  of  constructing 550 new homes on property annexed by the town in 2022.

Councilman Steve McKay voted in opposition, preferring the Council put on hold on the project for three years to allow for road improvements. He says the area of Maryland Route 144 near Maryland Route 75 “backs up” during morning rush hour. He said one of four developers in that area has plans to make road improvements to handle the traffic.

“You feel that you have the winning argument, and that you’ve made good and valid points. Sometimes you can’t convince three other Council members to agree with you,” McKay says.

The Council members who voted for express approval were Brad Young, Kavonte Duckett, Renee Knapp and Mason Carter.

McKay says England Woods is one of four developments planned for the area around New Market. which could bring in up to 3,000 homes. He says not everyone is happy about it. “You’ve got these four developments that haven’t even broken ground yet,” McKay says. “But when they do, they’ll all be building at the same time. And there are a number of people who are aware of it and don’t like it.  I’m afraid there’s a lot more people who have no idea, and it will be a bitter shock to them.”

He also says the County could have taken action to prevent what he calls “a mess” that’s coming to the New Market area. “We’ve had opportunities to manage this better. And, unfortunately, we threw away those opportunities,.” McKay says. “And when I say ‘we.’ I mean this Administration; I mean the Planning Commission; and I mean this Council. And it bothers me to no end.”

By Kevin McManus