Busy Time In Annapolis For Frederick County Legislators

Crossover Day is coming up next month.

Frederick County Delegate Jesse Pippy (Photo from Md. General Assembly)

Annapolis, Md (KM) It’s been a busy time in Annapolis for the Maryland General Assembly. Frederick County Delegation Chair  Jesse Pippy says Crossover Day is coming up on March 18th.   He says  legislation must have passed the House of Delegates or the Senate and “crossed over ” by that date to the opposite chamber in order to have a chance of enactment.

Meanwhile, the fast pace of work continues at the State House. “We’re voting on a lot more legislation. We’re having a lot more floor debates. Committees are a lot busier as we kind get into the substance of voting on the bills,” says Delegate Pippy.

He says he and other local legislators are following some bills which have an impact on Frederick County, including a tax credit bill and an increase in the Sheriff’s salary. But he says the Delegation has several bills it’s supporting. “We have bills to protect children from  sexual predators as well as infrastructure bills to help out Middletown; and then we have co-sponsored some legislation to potentially create some economic development opportunities in Frederick,” he says.

Pippy is a Republican serving in a General Assembly which is majority Democrat. But he says he works very well with the majority party. “This may come as a surprise to a lot of individuals, but the overwhelmingly majority of bills that become law each year are unanimously supported. A lot of these are non-political in nature. The ten percent of bills that are more partisan in nature kind of get all the news,:” he says.

“I represent a more conservative-leaning district and as a conservative myself, I stand strong on those principals,”  he adds. “But on other items that are non-partisan, non-political in nature, I work well with my colleagues across the aisle as well.”

Despite the work that needs to be done, Pippy says he and his staff are always willing to meet with constituents. “We actually get thousands of e-mails throughout the legislative session as well as our office receives numerous phone calls.  We have visitors coming in and out of our office every day,” he says.

“But I  love when constituents come to Annapolis because we’re working very hard down here and it’s great to see them come down and see the daily activities and the work that we’re doing,” he continues.

The 2024 Maryland General Assembly adjourns for the year on April 8th at midnight.

By Kevin McManus