Bills Moving Swiftly In the 2024 Maryland General Assembly Session

The Frederick County Senator is sponsoring several bills.

Annapolis, Md. (LG) Maryland Senator Karen Lewis Young is very busy at work as the 2024 Maryland General Assembly Session pushes near adjournment. “It’s been very busy. We definitely have more bills than usual . We have a record number this year, and my Committee have more bills than any other Committee on either side of the street,” said Young.

Senator Young is very passionate when it comes to her work. “And then of course, the challenges, because of the budget deficit. It gives us that extra challenge. Bills that maybe we’ve worked on for a few months, we are now amending trying to change or lower the fiscal note”, she added.

Several bills that are being sponsored by Sen. Young, include the Truancy Reduction legislation and the Tip Jar measure.

The 2024 Maryland General Assembly Session adjourns at midnight on April 8th, 2024.

By Loretta Gaines