Alsobrooks Discusses Her Campaign In Interview With A National Network

She is running for the US Senate from Maryland.

Angela Alsobrooks, US Senate Candidate (Photo from Alsobrooks’ campaign website)

Largo, Md (KM) One of the most well known candidates in Maryland’s US Senate race is Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks. She is running in the Democratic Primary against several candidates, including 6th District Representative David Trone,

Alsobrooks was a guest last weekend on ABC’s “This Week.” She said she is the first woman elected as PG County State’s Attorney, and County Executive, and that has some advantages. “What that has meant is that I have brought to bear solutions that are very different. They are based not only my professional experience, but lived experiences. . . And I think it’s important to have people representing you who lives  like you; who thinks like the people they represent,” she said.

During her interview, Alsobrooks talked about her association with Vice President Kamela Harris, the second Black woman sworn in as a US Senator, and what that means. “That it is not as important that you’re the first at something, but that you create the kind the record and create the kind of roadway so that others  can be successful too,”: she said. “You are not truly successful until you’ve made someone else successful.”

Whoever wins the Democratic Primary is expected to face former Republican Governor Larry Hogan in the general election..

Primary election day is May 14th. The General Election is November 5th. The winner in the general election will replace Incumbent Senator Ben Cardin who is retiring.

By Kevin McManus